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It was Monday morning, June 23rd 2014. We drove to Blankenburg . Everybody was excited that we started our class trip to the Harz. We had a break of our bus trip and ate at Burger King, not all kids ate at Burger King. At 12 o’clock we arrived in Blankenburg at our hostel. After the arrival we ate lunch in the youth hostel. There were noodles and tomato sauce, the meal was good. After that we went to our rooms. I stayed with Laura, Sabrina and Anke in a bungalow. In our free time we played football or table tennis or we hung with friends. At 3 o’clock all classes hiked to the Teufelsmauer with a guide, his name was Klaus. At 6.30p.m. we ate dinner. In the evening Klaus prepared a disco. I think it wasn’t so cool. Then we had free time till 10p.m. and we went to bed, but we stayed up till 0.30 a.m. This was a funny day with lots of activities.

On Tuesday we got up early at 7.30 a.m. Mr. Bormann woke us up with a funny music. And like every other morning we had breakfast at 8.30. After breakfast we went Quedlinbug by bus and visited a big castle. We did a guided tour through Quedlinburg and did a rallye. The information was interesting. Then we had free time (1 hour) in the city. We walked around in groups. I was with Laura and Sabrina. We went in shops and bought postcards for the family. At last I and Laura got an ice cream from Sabrina. Then we met Mrs. Engert and went back to Blankenburg. In Blankenburg we had free time. I, Sabrina and Laura watched a movie. The movie was sooo boring. And then we went to bed. This was a cool day and I think Quedlinburg is interesting.

On Wednesday after breakfast we did a GPS-tour with geo cashing. At 10 o’clock we met at the gate from the youth hostel. I was in a group Laura, Sabrina, Anke, Emely and Melanie ( a teacher). We were allowed to use our mobile phones, it was cool. We had lunch in a park. In the end we didn’t find lots of treasures, except one. In the youth hostel we had a camp fire and made bread on a stick, it was so delicious.

On Thursday we hiked to the ruins of castle Regenstein, we had lunch there. A little bit later we saw sandstone caves, they were beautiful. I climbed through the small cave - that was funny. At last we hiked the long way back and the weather in this moment was so bad. At the return to the youth hostel we ate sausages from the barbecue and watched the football match Germany against USA.

The score was 1:0 for Germany. For Germany it was a good match and the day was exciting.

On Friday we waited for the bus and it the bus I had to sit alone, it was so boring. I was so happy to see ma family- except my brother. But the class trip was cool!

by Annetta Dick Form 7a

Day 1: Blankenburg, we are coming

On Monday morning we met at the train station at 7a.m. and drove at 7.18 with the train to Blankenburg. The journey took 4 hours. That was sometimes boring. So we arrived at the Blankenburg train station and walked to the Naturfreundehaus. A bit later we had lunch. There were noodles with tomato sauce. It was okay. Then we moved into the bungalows. It was very small but it was okay for us. After that we hiked to the Teufelsmauer and had a beautiful view. We hiked 2 km but it felt as if it would be 4 km. After the effort we went to the Naturfreundehaus. Then my friends, Mr. Saify and I played volleyball outside. That was funny. After that I was in the disco with Beyza for a short time. It was really loud so we went out. We had free time until dinner. We had bread and cheese and other things. Next we played a bit and went to bed at 10 p.m. The teachers guarded us but we stayed up till 11 p.m. or later =).

Day 2: GPS –Tour

Every morning we got up at 7.30 a.m. and had breakfast. After breakfast we made a lunch package. Then we got ready for the GPS-tour. I was in a group with Kinza, Jessica, Sophia and Mieke. A bit later Jurij found the first treasure. Unfortunately our group had found nothing. Some hours later we had lunch and ate our lunch package and had free time. We saw a big castle and had a great view. Later we were allowed to choose the way to go home. I chose the way with Mrs. Gerstenberger to the Teufelsmauer. In the evening I played volleyball again and Mrs, Gerstenberger took photos of us. Then I went for dinner. After that my foot hurt. And I went to bed and talked with my friends and we played with our flashlights. Thean I was really tired and slept.

Day 3: Regenstein

In the morning we went to the ruin of the castle Regenstein and we walked through the forest. But before I ate breakfast and made a lunch package. We had lunch at the sand caves. Viktoria and I were in the sand cave and crawled out. The cave was very big. After an hour we hiked up a steep trail to the ruin. It was so exhausting. Finally we arrived at the Regenstein and saw the little exhibition and had great. That was delicious, too. Next we had our dinner. I was really tired so I fell asleep very fast and my friends too.

Day 4: Quedlinburg

We got up at 8a.m. and had breakfast at 8.30 a.m. like always. Later we made a lunch package. After that we went to Quedlinburg by bus. We got to know the little city with a nice guide. A bit later we had an interesting and nice tour through Quedlinburg and saw the Roland and a raven with a glass of wine (an old story).

Then we were allowed to go shopping. So we went to a shop and I bought something for my family. After that we were in an Italian restaurant. Sophia, Beyza and I had a milk shake ( I had chocolate, of course). I think that Quedlinburg is very nice. Then went back home by bus. We were allowed to go to Aldi and I bought iced tea. We went to the dinner. There were sausages with noodle and potato salat. We wanted to watch the football match but there wasn’t enough space for us. So we sat outside. After that some classmates hiked to the Teufelsmauer and took photos of the view with their mobile phones. I packed my suitcase for Friday and went to sleep.

Day 5: Back to Bremen

We got up and had breakfast. Then we got ready for the departure and finshed packing the suitcases. Then we went back to Bremen by train. I think the class trip was good because it was funny to hike and play volleyball. And the castles were interesting, the views were beautiful and Quedlinburg is a great city.

by Jana Phung Form 7d

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